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8 predictions in Artificial Intelligence for the next 12 months!

Andrew Ng’s five steps to becoming a Machine Learning Guru

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Six most common Neural Net mistakes by Andrej Karpathy

Applied Machine Learning Book

I am writing a book on Applied Machine Learning

Engineering Mathematics by K.A. Stroud and Dexter Booth Changed my life, it taught me Engineering Mathematics in a way may other books failed to, and made […]

An ANN approach for the simulation of Reaction-Diffusion Systems

The dynamics of a physical system is usually determined by solving a differential equation. It normally proceeds by reducing the differential equation to a familiar form […]

Books & Fun

Built to last by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras

Jerry Porras’ and Jim Collins’ sort to answer the question “what makes the truly exceptional companies different from the other companies?” with an emphasis on timeless […]
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10 Ways To Teach Effectively

Many factors affect the quality of how learning occurs. Knowledge advances in the science of how the brain works have led to new discoveries. We now […]

Business & Others

Start with the problem and not the technology

How do find the next big thing? A young man wrote to me recently, he said “hi Chika, good day, I would like to get advice […]

General Electric Garages

GE created the Garages program in 2012 to reinvigorate America’s interest in invention, innovation, and manufacturing. In 2014, Garages went global with three weeks of workshops […]