Nathan studied biology at Williams College and earned a PhD from Cambridge in computational and experimental cancer biology. He is an investor in machine learning-driven technology companies with his new firm, Air Street Capital, and as a Venture Partner at Point Nine Capital. He founded the RAAIS community and Foundation to advance progress in AI. Ian studied engineering at Cambridge, specializing in machine learning. His Masters project was a computer vision system to classify breast cancer biopsy images. He was co-founder and CEO of Songkick, the concert service used by 17 million music fans every month. He is an angel investor in over 30 startups with a focus on applied machine learning. Benaich Nathan and Ian Hogarth recently released their "State of AI" report - which is basically a snapshot of Artificial Intelligence Research, Talent, Political perception, development across industries as well as scintillating predictions of its future over the next 12 months. Without further delay, here are the 8 predictions.

The eight predictions

  • A lab located in China makes a significant research breakthrough.
  • DeepMind has a breakthrough result successfully applying Reinforcement learning to learn how to play Starcraft.
  • Deep learning continues to dominate the discussion without major alternatives appearing.
  • The first therapeutic drug discovered using machine learning produces positive results in trials.
  • Chinese and American headquartered technology companies make acquisitions of machine learning companies based in Europe totaling over $5b.
  • The government of an OECD country blocks the acquisition of a leading machine learning company (defined as valuation >$100m) by a US or Chinese headquartered technology company.
  • Access to Taiwanese and South Korean semiconductor companies becomes an explicit part of the trade war between America and China.
  • A major research institution “goes dark” by refraining from publishing key work in the open due to geopolitical concerns.

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